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The Little Wooden Town

The little wooden town embodies the distinctive spirit of vernacular Moravian municipal architecture of the late 19th and early 20th century. Combining both the carefully relocated original houses and the painstakingly recreated buildings fitted with interior exhibitions, the Wooden Townlet represents a particularly attractive open-air display of the traditional style of living, home-run trades and crafts and municipal and ecclesiastical institutions, and presents the spa character of the Rožnov area.

The oldest part of the Wallachian Open-Air Museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, the Little Wooden Town was spurred to existence by the Jaroněk brothers and the members of the Museum Association, who decided to save the traditional stave houses from Rožnov Square and transfer them into the municipal park, thus founding the famous and celebrated open-air museum that we know today. The museum was opened in 1925 in celebration of the so-called "Wallachian Year" , a ceremony which took place among the relocated town hall, the Bill's burgher house brought here from Rožnov Square and several other smaller buildings. Before the end of WWII, the Little Wooden Town spread out to include Vašek's Pub, the Mayor's House from Velké Kralovice and St. Anne's Church. New buildings are being added to the complex even today, and the Wooden Townlet thus also includes a new pub, a skittle alley, a cemetery, cow sheds, barns, a distillery, crosses, bee hives...

The Mayor's House from Velké Karlovice is a dwelling of the hereditary mayor and the official magistrate of the manorial lords. The ground floor depicts the living style of wealthy Wallachian families, while the first floor presents the changes in interior architecture occurring in the late 19th and early 20th century.

A replica of the Lačnov distillery shows the technologies used in the production of the local Wallachian home-made brandy.

St. Anne's Church in Větřkovice is a prime example of the typical rural wooden church of the Wallachian region. The church is surrounded by a symbolic cemetery centered around the so-called Wallachian Pantheon, the final resting place for the most honored Wallachian personalities. A hearse shed stands behind the church.

Bill's burgher house from Rožnov Square represents late-medieval municipal architecture. The current ground-floor exhibition depicts the dwelling of late 19th-century Rožnov burgher, while the first floor exhibition presents the accommodation offered to the visitors of the local spa.

Rožnov Town Hallis a characteristic small-town administrative building, which includes a local store and post office on the ground floor and a large conference room on the first floor.

Vašek's Pub and the Last Penny Tavern complement the distinctive ambience of the Little Wooden Town, while allowing visitors to sample the traditional local cuisine.

The Little Wooden Town likewise includes a wide range of barns, outbuildings and other small structures to evoke the mood and appearance of a small rural town.

In accordance with the concept of a "living museum" promoted by the Jaroněk brothers , the Little Wooden Town offers a wide range of presentations and other similar programs throughout the year, depicting the traditional life of our ancestors, focusing on annual customs (Shrovetide, Easter, Christmas), traditional arts and crafts (Primer of Nine Crafts, Big Laundry, Magical Thread, Day of Crafts and Meeting of Blacksmiths, Pottery Festival, Heja's Knife...) or celebrations and other festive events (Anne's Pilgrimage, Clothes for Work, Joy and Sorrow...). The town also acts as the locale for annual fairs of various handmade and homespun products.

The Little Wooden Town also hosts three large annual folklore festivals – Rožnovská Valaška, Rožnov Celebrations and Jánošíkův Dukát. During the high season, the visitors may attend the performances of both local and foreign folklore groups every weekend.

Town house Town house „Last Groschen“ Pub  
Mayor´s house  from Velké Karlovice Mayor´s house  from Velké Karlovice Mayor´s house  from Velké Karlovice Wallachian Pub
Janík´s Barn Janík´s Barn Janík´s Barn Little Amphitheatre
Little Amphitheatre Church from Větřkovice Church from Větřkovice Barn from Heřmanice
Town hall Town hall Weaver´s Barns  from Štramberk Crucifix
Bee-hives Summerhouse from Frenštát pod Radhoštěm Summerhouse from Frenštát pod Radhoštěm  
Well from Štramberk Well from Horní Lideč Belfry from Dolní Bečva Belfry from Horní Lideč


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